Your pet is considered a family member.  Capture your pet in a rendering that shows their best.

The art is primarily done with color pencil in a way that brings out the personality of your pet.


$235 -  8" x 10" unframed

$265 - 12" x 12" unframed

$295 - 11" x 14" unframed

Time to complete

approximately 1-2 weeks.

The rendering is done on a acid free strathmore smooth bristol drawing paper. 

If you are interested in a pet portrait.

‚Äč1. Email me a good-clean photo - no prints needed

2. Pick the size

3. 1/2 down to start

other half due when delivered.

4. I will send you images as I progress with your rendering.

5. I will be my best to follow any special requests. Once the drawing is started, major changes cannot be made.

Most importantly.... I do not deliver the image unless I like it first!


The Fine Art of Color Pencil